Do the Right Thing: children's rights progress report

A progress report on our response to the 2008 concluding observations from the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

4 Tackling negative perceptions of children and young people

What the Committee said:

"The Committee recommends that the State party ensure full protection against discrimination on any grounds, including by… taking urgent measures to address the intolerance and inappropriate characterisation of children, especially adolescents, within the society, including the media."

Progress to date

  • We published our Framework for tackling antisocial behaviour, 'Promoting Positive Outcomes: Working Together to Prevent Antisocial Behaviour in Scotland' in 2009. One of its key aims is to counter negative stereotypes and promote positive role models. It was followed up with an implementation and communications plan and an annual report setting out our progress on implementing the Framework. The Scottish Parliament debated and agreed our approach to tackling antisocial behaviour in December 2010.
  • We have supported Young Scot's work to set up a rewards scheme linked to their national entitlement card. The rewards scheme, launched in 2011, provides young people with an opportunity to earn points and collect rewards for taking part in positive activities in their communities as well as making healthy personal choices. The rewards focus on young people's learning and skills development.

Next steps

  • We will take forward the commitments we made in Valuing Young People to recognise and promote young people's positive contribution to their communities, and their role as national and global citizens. Valuing Young People offers a range of principles and connections to support young people to achieve their potential and was agreed with a wide range of partners including COSLA, NHS, police and fire services as well as youth and education national organisations.
  • We will work across Scotland to promote the positive involvement and representation of children and young people in the media. We will do this in partnership with children's and youth organisations including Young Scot, YouthLink Scotland, Scottish Youth Parliament and Youth Scotland.
  • We continue to support the Youth Awards Network. Co-ordinated by Youth Scotland, the network highlights the positive contribution young people make to society. It includes over 20 recognised and accredited awards and certificates that young people can attain and which are recognised within Curriculum for Excellence. The focus of the network is to encourage children and young people to develop their own skills and improve the communities around them.


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