Urban gulls and their management in Scotland: review

This report looks at the ecology of urban gulls in Scotland, the problems they cause, and management solutions.


We are very grateful to those Local Authority representatives who attended our initial meeting and helped us to formulate the content of this review (many of whom also participated in completing the questionnaire survey): David Grant and Keith MacKenzie (Dumfries & Galloway Council), Bill Gilchrist and Mike Rooney (East Ayrshire Council), Denis Watney (Scottish Borders Council), Iris Coghill, Brian Gilmour and Lindsay Matthew (Dundee City Council), Colin Campbell (Aberdeenshire Council) and Peter Ewen (Aberdeen City Council). In addition to those above, the following Local Authority representatives kindly gave of their time to contribute to our questionnaire survey and/or attend our discussion workshop: Iain Gibson, Robert O'Neill and Jim Prescott (Glasgow City Council), Brian Donnet and Iain Wallace (Highland Council), Roderick MacDougall (Edinburgh City Council), Andy McClements (Western Isles Council, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar), Brian Robertson (Falkirk Council), Calvin Morrison (Fife Council), Janet Stitt (Inverclyde Council), Chris Reynolds (Midlothian Council), Sandy Innes (Moray Council), Hugh McGhee (North Ayrshire Council), Andrew McPherson (North Lanarkshire Council), Paul Turner (Orkney Islands Council), Douglas Flint (Perth & Kinross Council), Russell McCutcheon (Renfrewshire Council), John Leach (Shetland Islands Council), Brian Lawrie (South Ayrshire Council), Ann Crossar (South Lanarkshire Council), Donald Balsillie (Stirling Council), Patrick Hoey (West Dunbartonshire Council), John Sheldon (West Lothian Council), Danny Johnstone (Angus Council), Alan Morrison (Argyll and Bute Council), Ewart McAuslane (Clackmannanshire Council), Nigel Kerr (East Dunbartonshire Council), Findlay Mackay (East Lothian Council) and Bill Arthur (East Renfrewshire Council).

Rhys Bullman and Phil Whitfield (Scottish Natural Heritage) and Liz Cryer and Martin Milarky (Scottish Executive) contributed to design of the questionnaire survey, and John Crawford and Bill Stafford (East Ayrshire Council), and David Grant (Dumfries & Galloway Council) kindly piloted the survey for us. We are grateful to Chris Bierley, Liz Cryer, Samantha Donald, Lorna King, Martin Milarky, George Morris and Kevin Philpott, all of the Scottish Executive for their advice.

We are also grateful to all of the following for their kind assistance and helpful advice throughout the project: Norman Allan ( BAA, Edinburgh Airport), Andy Baxter (Central Science Laboratory), Russell Bowen (Ellbow Pest Control, Dundee), Meyrick Brentnall (Gloucester City Council), Tom Dewick (Inverness Airport), Mike Flynn (Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals), Emma Haskell ( PICASUK), Roddy Mavor and Ian Mitchell (Joint Nature Conservation Committee), Gillian McEwan (Glasgow Prestwick International Airport), Alison Park, Peter Rock, Douglas Russell, (Aberdeenshire Council), Jan Seys (Flanders Marine Institute, Belgium), David Sowter, Steve Towell (Angus Hawking Services, Dundee), Paul Walton (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), Ian Whittaker (North West Bird Control)

We are grateful to Jenny Bright, Clare Clark and Rebecca Cranston ( BTO Scotland) for administrative support and Nigel Clark ( BTO Thetford) for helpful advice and internal reviewing of the report.

We thank Dr John Coulson for providing helpful comments and suggestions during his independent review of the scientific content of this report.


Email: Central Enquiries Unit ceu@gov.scot

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