Urban gulls and their management in Scotland: review

This report looks at the ecology of urban gulls in Scotland, the problems they cause, and management solutions.

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Questionnaire Survey Covering Letter

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<< Postcode>> 12 July 2004

Dear <<Salutation>>

Review of urban gulls and their management in Scotland Project - contracted to BTO Scotland by the Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department

As you may already be aware, from the recent press release, BTO Scotland and the Centre for Conservation Science ( CCS) have been contracted by the Scottish Executive to conduct a review of urban gull ecology and their management in Scotland. It is expected that the results of the review will lead to the publication of best practice guidance on the issue of urban gulls for Local Authorities and other pest control managers.

The requirements of the commissioned work are to:

  • Produce a comprehensive review of the ecology of urban gulls, why they are attracted to built-up areas around Scotland and the relevant key issues and research areas;
  • Identify locations throughout Scotland where urban gulls are, or are not, perceived as a problem;
  • Review current Legislation and powers, how they are used currently throughout Scotland and their perceived effectiveness;
  • Identify management practices in operation currently in Scotland and elsewhere, and contrast their strengths and weaknesses; and
  • Propose possible solutions (uniform best practice guidance) and highlight areas where further research may be required.

As part of the initial information and opinion gathering exercise for the project, as the contractors, we are conducting a questionnaire survey of all Scottish Local Authorities. This has been developed in conjunction with several LA environmental health officers who have experience in urban gull management.

We enclose this questionnaire and would be very grateful if you could complete it and return to Clare Clark, BTO Scotland Secretary (Tele: 01786 466560, Fax: 01786 466561, E-mail: clare.clark@bto.org ) no later than 20 th August.

It should take only a short amount of time to complete and your information and experience will be invaluable to the project. To allow us to assess accurately the scale of urban gull populations and associated problems in Scotland, it is important that you reply even if this issue is not perceived as important to your Local Authority.

At this time we would also like to inform you that as part of the contract, we will be holding an open meeting at Stirling University early next year to disseminate some of the key information collated in the project and give the opportunity for feedback prior to finalising the reporting. We would like to invite you, or an alternative representative from your Local Authority with an interest in urban gulls, to attend and further information is provided accordingly on the questionnaire.

If you have any questions about either the questionnaire or the open meeting please contact:

Kirsty Park
Centre for Conservation Science
School of Biological and Environmental Sciences
University of Stirling
Stirling, FK9 4LA

Tel: 01786 467799, Fax 01786 467840
Email: k.j.park@stir.ac.uk

We very much hope that you will share your experience and views on this issue and look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Kirsty Park
Senior Research Ecologist

Dr Chris Wernham
Senior Research Ecologist
BTO Scotland


Email: Central Enquiries Unit ceu@gov.scot

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