Suicide prevention action plan 2018 - 2020: review

A review of progress made on Every Life Matters, Scotland’s Suicide Prevention Action Plan (SPAP) 2018 – 2021, over the period September 2018 to October 2020.


1. O'Connor, R (2011), Towards an Integrated Motivational-Volitional Model of Suicidal Behaviour, in R. O'Connor, S. Platt, J. Gordon (2011), International Handbook of Suicide Prevention: Research, Policy and Practice, John Wiley and Sons Ltd; O'Connor, R and Kirtley, The Integrated Motivational-Volitional Model of Suicidal Behaviour (2018) Phil. Trans. R Soc B 373

2. This review does not cover the development of the Action Plan itself or the structure and operation of the NSPLG. Both of these processes might, however, provide useful learning for the development and implementation of complex strategies and action plans.

3. See section 1.3 for details about these key roles and structures.

4. National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group

5. Children and Young People's Mental Health Taskforce - Recommendations

6. United to Prevent Suicide

7. For more detail on each of the 10 Actions see section 1.1, table 1 above.

8. At the time of writing (November 2020), the LEP had not yet become involved in Actions 1 and 10. Discussions were, however, planned to take place in relation to Action 10 in early December 2020.

9. The learning resources for the adult workforce comprised three animations giving practical advice on how to support people who may be feeling suicidal or experiencing mental distress (New mental health and suicide prevention resources launched). The resources for the children and young people's workforce also comprises three animations and can be accessed via TURAS (Mental health improvement, and prevention of self-harm and suicide)

10. TURAS is the online learning platform for health and social care staff in Scotland

11. TURAS Learn e-learning website

12. COVID-19 and responding to people in mental distress and crisis

COVID-19 and responding to distress and crisis - presentation

COVID-19 : mental health and suicide prevention

COVID-19 : mental health and suicide prevention-presentation

COVID-19 Mental Health and Suicide: Older Adults and COVID-19

13. Mental Health Foundation Scotland (March 2020) Support for those bereaved by suicide: A qualitative Research Study, Glasgow: Mental Health Foundation Scotland

14. Zortea TC, Brenna CTA, Joyce M, McClelland H, Tippett M, Tran MM, Arensman E, Corcoran P, Hatcher S, Heisel MJ, Links P, O'Connor RC, Edgar NE, Cha Y, Guaiana G, Williamson E, Sinyor M, Platt S (2020). The impact of infectious disease-related public health emergencies on suicide, suicidal behavior, and suicidal thoughts: A systematic review. Crisis.

15. The World Health Organization is intending to include information about the work of the LEP in its forthcoming implementation guide for suicide prevention in countries ("Live Life").



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