Suicide prevention action plan 2018 - 2020: review

A review of progress made on Every Life Matters, Scotland’s Suicide Prevention Action Plan (SPAP) 2018 – 2021, over the period September 2018 to October 2020.

Appendix 2: Main Activities undertaken, in process and completed between September 2018 and October 2020

SPAP Action. 1

Logic model and timeline for action developed.

Engaged with local suicide prevention leads to identify and map local suicide prevention action plans against national action plan; engagement with LEP

Recommendations on guidance delivered to NSPLG (December)

SPAP Action. 2

Knowledge and Skills Framework and Workforce Development Plan produced

Animations developed and launched for adult and children and young people's workforces

E-learning module and facilitators support posted on TURAS[9]

Five COVID-19 specific learning resources produced[11]

Development work involved extensive engagement, including with young people and children and young people's workforce, mental health nurses and Allied Health Professionals, dentists and pharmacists.

SPAP Action. 3

United To Prevent Suicide identity and campaign developed and launched, including development of digital hub for social movement, campaign film for TV and digital channels, stakeholder packs and promotional materials.

Development work involved commissioning and managing external design and research agencies as well as extensive engagement and consultation with LEP and range of external stakeholders (approx. 670), as well as survey of general public (2000).

SPAP Action. 4

Service specification and evaluation specification prepared for piloting service

Service specification based on extensive engagement with a range of stakeholders, including LEP, and commissioned research by Mental Health Foundation; expressions of interest requested from third sector organisations for lead agency to conduct pilot on suicide bereavement support service

SPAP Action. 5

Research undertaken to inform working definition of suicidal crisis

Extensive stakeholder engagement undertaken, including people/groups with lived experience.

Analysis of consultation undertaken by Action 5 team, and the responses analysed by the AAG.

Working definition of suicidal crisis, direction of travel paper/project plan, draft recommendations presented to NSPLG

SPAP Action. 6

AAG rapid review of the role of digital technology in the prevention or reduction of suicidal ideation and/or behaviour undertaken

Online consultation undertaken and workshop with LEP; Delivery Leads surveyed to scope out use of digital technology

Planning meetings held with NHS24 to identify joint digital innovation opportunities

Working group set up to research and establish key priorities

Engagement with Samaritans Online Harms team to establish connections with online platforms such as Google, Facebook and Tik Tok

SPAP Action. 7

AAG undertook rapid evidence review

Engagement sessions held with representatives of 'at risk' groups, including members of LEP to inform the next stage of the Action

SPAP Action. 8

Engaging with LEP sub-group focusing on children and young people

Developing video, drawing on lived experience for dissemination in educational settings

Developing relationships with Scottish Government Children and Young People's Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme Board and Scottish Government Children and Young People's Mental Health Service (CAMHS) lead

Engaging with social media platforms resulting in removal of harmful content from one platform

Initiated signposting on teaching platforms to Young Scot webpage supporting children and young people's mental health during lockdown

SPAP Action. 9

Ongoing provision of capacity and expertise to SPAP as a whole and individual Actions

Undertaking rapid evidence reviews including in support of Actions 6 and 7 and the impact of public health emergencies on suicidal behaviour

Contributing to: the design of, and analysing consultations on behalf of Actions 5 and 6; evaluation of Action 4; and SPAP review

Exploring scope for collecting more timely data on suicide and self harm

SPAP Action. 10

Logic model and timeline for action developed.

Identified areas where multi-agency suicide reviews are undertaken, discussed processes and obtained documentation

Identified other death review processes, meeting to map processes and consider consistent dataset across processes

Agreed to undertake tests of change in two areas. Information sharing agreement developed.

Discussions held with AAG and other relevant national agencies



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