Review of corporate information management

Review of the Scottish Government's corporate processes for the storage, retrieval and deployment of corporate information to ensure they are fit-for-purpose.

The foundations for a way forward

As outlined previously the SG has at its disposal a range of functions, tools and controls which when taken together should represent a solid platform to build upon and implement the necessary changes and improvements in its management of information. There has also been significant recent investment to enable transformation of its information management capability though a major programme to modernise key corporate systems and services. This included:

  • the modernisation of the underlying infrastructure supporting the corporate electronic documents and records management system known as eRDM
  • the implementation of a new, modernised web based desktop eRDM application to 12,000 users, supported by a workflow engine to automate key records management processes
  • a new cloud document management platform, integrated to the corporate eRDM system, to support secure collaboration with external partners and customers.
  • the creation of a new blended training model to support best practice information management and the use of the new eRDM and Connect cloud collaboration applications
  • a new corporate eDiscovery solution to enhance the searching of legacy information stored out with eRDM and any future measures to restructure and cleanse legacy data in support of wider business and technology strategies.




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