Small landholdings in Scotland: legislation review

Review of the legislation governing small landholdings in Scotland and supporting consultation analysis.

New Entrants

Issues Raised

65. The lack of new small landholding tenancy opportunities combined with how the legislation works for assignation, succession and treatment of fixed equipment (including houses) means that this is generally not a route into agriculture that new entrant farmers choose to utilise. [55]

66. Some respondents suggested that there is a need to provide guidance to prospective new entrant farmers about where they can helpfully find out about accessing funding and advice. There was also the suggestion that loans previously managed by the then Board of Agriculture for Scotland to help new entrants should be reintroduced, to improve productivity.


67. There are no specific provisions within the Small Landholders (Scotland) Acts 1886 to 1931 to encourage new entrants to take on a small landholding. However further information on the creation of new small landholdings can be found in this report.

68. Legislation governing loans previously managed by the Board of Agriculture for Scotland is considered in the public finance section of this report.


69. Further discussion is required with prospective new entrants to agriculture and engagement with small holder groups to assess the barriers and opportunities and potential levels of demand for small landholdings, given these could provide a foothold for new entrants into the agricultural sector in a similar way that agricultural tenancies provide at present. Successful management or regulation of vacant and renounced holdings may also be of significance to new entrants.

70. The New Entrants Grant, New Entrants Start up Grant, Young Farmers Start up Grant and Small Farm Grants Scheme provided through the Scottish Rural Development Programme could all potentially provide measures of assistance to new entrants and further discussion could be undertaken with small landholders and landlords.

(see also Housing, Finance, Vacant Holdings sections)


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