Publication - Independent report

Governance of NHS endowment funds: review report

Published: 28 Oct 2021

An independent review, chaired by Julie Hutchison LLB TEP WS, to consider and provide recommendations on changes that could be enacted to strengthen governance arrangements for NHS endowment funds.

Governance of NHS endowment funds: review report
Appendix 1

Appendix 1

List of NHS-linked charities in Scotland

Details of the NHS-linked charities, as per OSCR registration, are set out below.

Name of NHS-linked charity Charity registration number
Ayrshire & Arran Health Board Endowment Fund SC007448
Borders Health Board Endowment Funds SC008225
Dumfries & Galloway Health Board Endowment Fund SC001116
Fife Health Board Endowment Funds SC011988
Forth Valley Endowment Fund SC035953
Grampian NHS Endowment Fund SC017296
Greater Glasgow & Clyde Endowment Funds SC005895
Highland Health Board Endowment Funds SC016791
Lanarkshire Health Board Endowment Fund SC005674
Lothian Health Board Endowment Fund SC007342
National Waiting Times Centre Board Endowment Fund SC045146
Orkney Health Board Endowment Funds SC016919
Scottish Ambulance Service Endowment Funds SC027131
Shetland Health Board Endowment Funds SC011513
Tayside NHS Board Endowment Fund SC011042
Western Isles Health Board Endowment Funds SC001015