Governance of NHS endowment funds: review report

An independent review, chaired by Julie Hutchison LLB TEP WS, to consider and provide recommendations on changes that could be enacted to strengthen governance arrangements for NHS endowment funds.

Reflections on the importance of people and place

"We originally raised money with 'TheWeePinkFergie' for another cancer charity, but didn't know where the money goes, so we now fundraise for the specific ward where she was treated, to keep it local." Donor to Ward 309 Breast Patients Fund (within NHS Grampian Endowment Fund)

"We've always worked closely with them [the children's oncology team at Ninewells] in the past and no doubt will in the future." Chair, local cancer charity which donates to the Paediatric Oncology Fund (within Tayside NHS Endowments Fund)

"It's good to have a local fund, compared to a national charity, where you don't feel it's necessarily going to local services." NHS employee



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