Fishing practices adapted in commercial fisheries: review

Comprehensive literature review on the specific interventions taken in Scotland, the UK and EU to reduce the climate related impacts of the marine wild capture fisheries sector complemented with a series of stakeholder interviews on direct experiences and challenges.

Appendix A Search strings

Table 2.1 Table showing a range of measures and actions that fishers can take to reduce fishing vessel fossil fuel consumption and related GHG emissions. (Source: He et al., 2018) 12
Method Search string Google Scholar results (2010-2021) Titles scanned
Fossil fuel consumpt“on "fossil ”uel" “ND "cli”ate" “ND "fishe”ies" 17400 3“
"fossil ”uel" “ND "cli”ate" “ND "fishe”ies" “ND "Scot”and" 2,820 3“
"fossil ”uel" “ND "cli”ate" “ND "fishe”ies" “ND”"UK" 16,300 3“
"fossil ”uel" “ND "cli”ate" “ND "fishe”ies" “ND”"EU"
13,400 3“
"fossil ”uel" “ND "reduced consump”ion" “ND "fishe”ies" “ND "increased effici”ncy" 47 30
increased efficiency in fisheries “ND "reduce emiss”ons" “ND "fishe”ies"
10,300 30
increased efficiency in fisheries “ND "reduce emiss”ons" “ND "fishe”ies" “ND”"EU"
5,690 30
increased efficiency in fisheries “ND "reduce emiss”ons" “ND "fishe”ies" “ND”"UK"
6,370 30
increased efficiency in fisheries “ND "reduce emiss”ons" “ND "fishe”ies" “ND "Scot”and"
913 30
fuel efficiency “ND "fishe”ies" “ND”"EU" 17,300 30
Alternative ene“gy "fish proces”ing" “ND "green en”rgy" “ND "Scot”and" 40 3“
"fish proces”ing" “ND "green en”rgy" “ND "cli”ate" “ND "Scot”and" 38 3“
"shell”ish" “ND "green en”rgy" “ND "cli”ate" “ND "Scot”and"
158 3“
"shellfish proces”ing" “ND "green en”rgy" “ND "cli”ate" “ND "Scot”and"
"fish proces”ing" “ND "green en”rgy" “ND”"UK"
225 30
fish processing “ND "green en”rgy" “ND "cli”ate" “ND”"UK"
8430 3“
"shell”ish" “ND "green en”rgy" “ND "cli”ate" “ND”"UK"
439 3“
"shellfish proces”ing" “ND "green en”rgy" “ND "cli”ate" “ND”"UK"
"fish proces”ing" “ND "green en”rgy" “ND”"EU"
214 3“
"fish proces”ing" “ND "green en”rgy" “ND "cli”ate" “ND”"EU"
181 3“
"shell”ish" “ND "green en”rgy" “ND "cli”ate" “ND”"EU"
353 3“
"shellfish proces”ing" “ND "green en”rgy" “ND "cli”ate" “ND”"EU" 4 4
Selectiv“ty "reduce fishing ef”ort" “ND "en”rgy" 343 3“
"reduce fishing ef”ort" “ND "en”rgy" “ND "Scot”and" 47 3“
"reduce fishing ef”ort" “ND "en”rgy" “ND”"UK"
180 3“
"reduce fishing ef”ort" “ND "en”rgy" “ND”"EU"
143 3“
"reduce fishing ef”ort" “ND "en”rgy" “ND "more effic”ent"
85 30
fuel consumption “ND "fis”ing" “ND "re”uce"
20900 30
fuel consumption “ND "fis”ing" “ND "re”uce" “ND "Scot”and"
14500 30
fuel consumption “ND "fis”ing" “ND "re”uce" “ND”"UK"
21100 30
fuel consumption “ND "fis”ing" “ND "re”uce" “ND”"EU"
18200 3“
"reduce fishing ef”ort" “ND "environme”tal" “ND "selec”ive"
254 3“
"reduce fishing ef”ort" “ND "environme”tal" “ND "Scot”and"
91 3“
"reduce fishing ef”ort" “ND "environme”tal" “ND”"UK"
381 3“
"reduce fishing ef”ort" “ND "environme”tal" “ND”"EU"
280 3“
"reduce morta”ity" “ND "fis”ery" “ND "non target spe”ies"
284 3“
"reduce morta”ity" “ND "fis”ery" “ND "non target spe”ies" “ND "Scot”and" 23 2“
"reduce morta”ity" “ND "fis”ery" “ND "non target spe”ies" “ND”"UK"
108 3“
"reduce morta”ity" “ND "fis”ery" “ND "non target spe”ies" “ND”"EU" 60 30
Local mark“ts "l”cal" “ND "”ish" “ND "greenhouse g”ses" “ND "Scot”and" 4580 3“
"l”cal" “ND "”ish" “ND "greenhouse g”ses" “ND”"UK" 18800 3“
"cons”mer" “ND "locally sou”ced" “ND "”ish"
3630 3“
"cons”mer" “ND "locally sou”ced" “ND "”ish" “ND "Scot”and"
504 30
Reducing wa“te "reduce w”ste" “ND "fis”ery" 1690 3“
"reduce w”ste" “ND "fis”ery" “ND "greenhouse”gas" 598 3“
"reduce w”ste" “ND "fis”ery" “ND "marine li”ter"
94 3“
"reduce gear ”oss" “ND "fis”ery"
37 3“
"reduce gear ”oss" “ND "fis”ery" “ND "greenhouse”gas"
"reduce gear ”oss" “ND "fis”ery" “ND "marine li”ter"
12 1“
"reduce w”ste" “ND "fis”ery" “ND "Scot”and" 158 3“
"reduce w”ste" “ND "fis”ery" “ND”"UK"
899 3“
"reduce w”ste" “ND "fis”ery" “ND”"EU"
720 3“
"reduce marine li”ter" “ND "fis”ery"
174 3“
"reduce marine li”ter" “ND "fis”ery" “ND "Scot”and"
51 3“
"reduce marine li”ter" “ND "fis”ery" “ND”"EU"
141 3“
"reduce marine li”ter" “ND "fis”ery" “ND”"UK" 111 30
Refrigera“ts "refrige”ant" “ND "greenhouse gas emiss”ons" “ND "fis”ery" 238 3“
"refrige”ant" “ND "greenhouse gas emiss”ons" “ND "fis”ery" “ND "Scot”and" 27 2“
"refrige”ant" “ND "emission ”ate" “ND "fishing ve”sel"
"refrige”ant" “ND "emission ”ate" “ND "fishing ve”sel" “ND "amm”nia"
"refrige”ant" “ND "emission ”ate" “ND "fishing ve”sel" “ND "Scot”and" 1 1
Stock resilie“ce "stock resili”nce" “nd "fis”ery" “nd "climate ch”nge" “ND "q”ota" 45 3“
"stock resili”nce" “nd "fis”ery" “nd "climate ch”nge" “ND "q”ota" “ND "Scot”and" 5
"stock resili”nce" “nd "fis”ery" “nd "climate ch”nge" “ND "q”ota" “ND”"UK"
16 1“
"stock resili”nce" “nd "fis”ery" “nd”"EU" 64 30
Consumer behavi“ur "consumer behav”our" “ND "fis”ery" “nd ”MSY" 53 3“
"consumer behav”our" “ND "fis”ery" “nd ”MSY" “nd "Scot”and" 7
"”ish" “ND "cons”mer" “nd "reduce food m”les"
214 3“
"”ish" “ND "cons”mer" “nd "reduce food m”les" “ND "Scot”and"
33 3“
"sustainably sourced ”ish" “ND "cons”mer" “ND "interven”ion"
42 30



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