Fishing practices adapted in commercial fisheries: review

Comprehensive literature review on the specific interventions taken in Scotland, the UK and EU to reduce the climate related impacts of the marine wild capture fisheries sector complemented with a series of stakeholder interviews on direct experiences and challenges.


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5. The geographic scope was limited by the resources available; therefore, the focus was on those areas most closely linked to Scotland, including Scotland itself, the wider UK, and other countries within Europe.

6. Global CO2e emissions in 2016 were 32,940,650,079 tonnes; The Data World Bank

7. Resilience can be understood as the ability of a fish stock to recover from a shock, in this case one caused by extreme weather events and changing climate exacerbated by anthropogenic climate change.

8. CO2e = Carbon dioxide equivalent (i.e., emissions of all greenhouse gases with the equivalent global warming potential of CO2)

9. Social cost of carbon, given as £12.76 per tonne of CO2e - Updated short-term traded carbon values used for UK policy appraisal (2018)

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12. To measure the pulling capacity of a vessel, a bollard pull test is used to classify tugs on their towing ability. Experimentally, the test is carried out by using a bollard to anchor a vessel to the pier. Then, without slack in the connecting link, the vessel is required to propel itself at maximum thrust.

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14. 400 litres of carbon neutral fuel as a replacement for diesel will reduce the CO2 emissions from fossil fuels by around 1 tonne, because 1 litre of diesel produces around 2.67kg of CO2 (Valsecchi et al., 2009).

15. Note: All currency conversions were made on In this case the currency conversion was made with rate at 01/01/2015 - the beginning of the year the processing plant was opened

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30. Note: All currency conversions were made on In this case the currency conversion was made with rate at 01/01/2020 - the beginning of the year that the findings were published.

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40. Antifouling can be defined as the coating, paint, and surface treatment used on a solid (e.g., ship hull) to control or prevent the attachment of unwanted organisms.

41. A roller clump is used in trawling to reduce interaction with the seabed, therefore reducing drag which can save on fuel

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