Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for people on the Highest Risk List: evidence review

This report presents key evidence underpinning our advice to people on Scotland's highest risk (formerly shielding) list.


This Evidence Review sets out the data from clinical and scientific studies from Scotland, UK and internationally which show how the vaccination programme has made a significant difference to people on the Highest Risk List, including to many who are immunosuppressed or immunocompromised.

The report sets out the expert views of medical specialists who have advised the Scottish Government throughout the pandemic.

The report also presents analysis based on Public Health Scotland figures on COVID-19 related deaths amongst people on Scotland's Highest Risk List.

The Review is designed for two audiences: firstly, people on the Highest Risk List themselves, and secondly, GPs, clinicians and third sector organisations which support people with the range of conditions which have put them on the Highest Risk List. This latter audience will be able to use the Review to assist discussions about risk with individual patients and the people they support. Annex D provides a high level summary of findings from this Review for each Highest Risk Group which can assist GPs and Clinicians in discussions with patients.

While the evidence set out in this Evidence Review is published and readily available, it is not always easy to understand or to translate the wide body of often very technical data and scientific evidence to inform choice. More detailed information and analysis is found in the Annexes to this report.



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