Scottish agricultural survey: December 2017

Annual agricultural survey based on data from larger agricultural holdings together with estimates for smaller farms.


1. Data on arable silage excludes holdings of less than one hectare which account for approximately 0.03% of arable land

2. This refers to female beef cattle aged two years and over, with offspring.

3. This refers to female dairy cattle aged two years and over, with offspring.

4. This chart includes all cattle aged one year and over.


6. these were changed in 2018 from four regions to five, see

7. Most crofts were LFA cattle & sheep, or LFA other. See chart 13 for croft rents.


9. Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (2016 provisional) - full-time median gross hourly pay in Scotland.

10. Data from these holdings will be published in 'Tenanted Agricultural Land in Scotland, 2015/16' scheduled for release in April 2016.




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