Residential rehabilitation - service mapping: report - 2019 to 2020

Mapping of residential rehabilitation provision in Scotland for alcohol and drug treatment.

Executive Summary

  • The mapping exercise found a total of 365 residential rehabilitation beds across 18 facilities across Scotland, with around 100 of these beds estimated to be taken up by those resident outwith Scotland during 2019/20.
  • The majority of residential rehab facilities in Scotland are provided by the third sector, with relatively few provided by private or statutory providers. Across these facilities, around half (48%) of the beds/places were provided by third sector organisations, around a third (33%) by private companies, and a small minority (6%) by statutory providers.
  • There is wide variation in the range of services, the length of programmes and associated costs across these facilities.
  • The majority of facilities have a waiting list for their services, ranging from a few days to a year.
  • Aftercare and links to mutual aid and recovery organisations are offered by the majority of surveyed rehabs.
  • A wide variety of outcomes tools are utilised across these facilities.
  • Residential rehabilitation placements are funded in a number of ways. For the thirteen facilities for which data was available, self-funding contributed over a third (36.8%) of placements in 2019/20. Around a quarter (27.4%) were funded by Social Security payments and charitable funding, while private insurance was used to fund around one in five (22.0%) places. Alcohol and Drug Partnerships (ADPs) funded little more than a tenth (13.2%) of those accessing beds across the surveyed facilities.
  • ADPs reported a number of different funding arrangements with the NHS and local authorities, and a variety of partnerships with specific residential rehab facilities.



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