Reshaping Care For Older People - Update Paper

An update of the progress made in the first two years of the Reshaping Care for Older People Programme


1.1 Who is this document for?

This document is aimed at anyone with an interest in the Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP) Programme. We have, however, produced an easy-read version which may be more suited to the general public while this document may be of interest more to those with more of a keen interest in the policy and practice development surrounding reshaping care for older people because of their role in policy implementation and on-the-ground delivery. Our Appendices contain useful case studies of successful interventions and practice initiatives which those working in the field will have a particular interest in.

1.2 Key messages

  • We have made great progress in our efforts to reshape care for older people - but there is still more to do
  • We are developing outcomes to enable measurement of success and improve service planning
  • We have policy aligned to deliver our Reshaping Care goals
  • We have significant demographic challenges, as shown in our scenarios, but we work in partnership to meet those challenges
  • We can reassure people that they will continue to have services to optimise quality of life

1.3 Why it is time for an update

When we published the paper, 'Reshaping Care for Older people - A Programme for change 2011-2021' we said we would come back and provide an update. The Scottish Government and COSLA published their ten year plan for the Reshaping Care for Older People programme (RCOP) in 2010 as the embodiment of a shared aspiration to improve the quality and outcomes of our current models of care to better support our older population. It provides a long term and strategic approach to deliver our shared vision for the future care for older people in Scotland. It also describes the key actions required to deliver our ambitions. It sets out a national framework for local partnerships to develop joint strategic commissioning plans for older people and effect real change in service delivery to improve the outcomes for and with older people. It provided feedback to the people who contributed through the engagement process and provided the basis for building more detailed commitments and actions at both national and local levels over the coming decade.

Three years on it is time to revisit the actions and the ambitions set out to ensure that they remain relevant and to ensure they take account of the further developments in policy and strategy in the intervening period. To account for these changing realities and to ensure it delivers the maximum benefit for our older population, it is essential that any changes to the direction or aims are taken through a collaborative approach, rather than solely representing the Scottish Government or COSLA view of the world. The strength of the Reshaping Care for Older People programme is its collaborative basis and shared ownership of the challenges and solutions.

This document attempts to do the following things:

1. look at the original commitments we set out in our original paper and considers what progress has been made towards them.

2. consider the aims and objectives of the original Programme, and present an evidence based outcomes framework that will underpin the work we take forward. These outcomes have been developed over the last year with input from statutory and non-statutory partners and will ensure that the focus of the Programme is sharpened and assists local partners in planning the delivery of high quality care and support for our older population.

3. set out the policy context and challenges that have appeared in the course of delivering the Programme so far. A forward look is presented in the form of a series of scenarios that we hope can be used to aid further discussion as partnerships develop their joint commissioning plans.

4. and in our Appendices, set out examples of innovation and changes to service provision that are making a real difference to people today, across the whole journey of care and support. It represents a tiny fraction of the work undertaken to date but seeks to provide a flavour of the sorts of innovation of service delivery driven forward by different partners.

Whilst the outcomes and measures for success may change over time, the ambition and vision that underpins the programme remains the same. It is important to restate this shared vision as it provides the context for everything that follows within this document.

'Older people are valued as an asset, their voices are heard and they are supported to enjoy full and positive lives in their own home or in a homely setting.'

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