Citizens' Assembly of Scotland: research report

Findings of a collaborative research project led by a team of Scottish Government Social Researchers and independent academics from the Universities of Edinburgh and Newcastle, on Scotland’s first national Citizens’ Assembly


The authors would like to thank the Assembly's organisers for the unprecedented level of access the research has benefited from, and the Assembly members and many individuals who shared their experiences so generously.

Thanks also to the research advisory group for their advice and support: Chloe Clemmons (Scottish Government), Patrick Fournier (University of Montreal), Doreen Grove (Scottish Government), Clodagh Harris (University College Cork), Audrey MacDougall (Scottish Government), Kathryn MacGregor (Scottish Government), John Parkinson (Maastricht University), Jane Suiter (Dublin City University).

Finally, our thanks to Jayne Carrick at Newcastle University for the intercodal reliability checks conducted as part of the Discourse Quality Index analysis.



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