Research to Inform the Five Year Review of the Home Report

Conducted to inform the five-year review of the Home Report. This research followed on from, and was informed by, the Home Report public consultation launched on 5 December 2013. The research study was conducted by Ipsos MORI and Retties and Co. and examined how the Home Report has performed over the past 5 years.

Glossary of Terms

An alphabetical glossary of the main terms used in the report is included below.

Additional surveys - Surveys undertaken in addition to the Home Report, e.g. a Home Report refresh or a specialist survey on a specific matter in relation to the property.

Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) - The industry representative body for mortgage lenders.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) - The certificate provides an illustration of the energy efficiency of a building based on standard assertions for occupation and use. The certificate also shows how the rating could be improved if specific improvements were made. The improvements range from inexpensive, cost effective measures to more expensive options.

Energy Report - The Energy Report recommends ways to improve a building's energy efficiency and gives contact details for further advice and information about how to make a home more energy efficient and save fuel costs. A part of the Home Report.

Energy Savings Trust - An independent, UK organisation that promotes energy efficiency, energy conservation and the sustainable use of energy. Its objective is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help to prevent man-made climate change.

Fixed Price - A way of marketing property for sale in Scotland. Indicates the price that the buyer can buy the property for.

Help to Buy - A series of government stimulus packages to assist people buying property in the UK that consists of mortgage guarantee and equity loan elements.

Home Report - A report with which all houses for sale in Scotland have to be marketed (with certain exemptions). It is a pack of three documents: a Single Survey (including valuation), an Energy Report and a Property Questionnaire. The Home Report should be made available on request to prospective buyers of the home.

Home Report valuation - The part of the Home Report that provides the surveyor's assessment of the market value of the property.

Housing market turnover - The value of all property sold, e.g. in an area of the country.

Land Registry - A non-ministerial government department, executive agency (since 1990) and trading fund of the UK Government. It registers the ownership of land and property in England and Wales.

Multiple surveys - Where a number of surveys are conducted on the same property by different prospective buyers or where one buyer purchases surveys on a number of different properties.

Offers Around - A way of marketing property for sale in Scotland. Indicates the approximate price that the seller is seeking.

Offers Over - A way of marketing property for sale in Scotland. Indicates that the seller is seeking a price in excess of the one stated.

Property Questionnaire - A part of the Home Report. It is completed by the seller of the home (or a person authorised by the seller to complete on their behalf) and contains additional information about the home, such as Council Tax banding and factoring costs, designed to be useful to buyers.

Registers of Scotland - A non-ministerial department of the Scottish Government responsible for compiling and maintaining records relating to property and other legal documents. Its General Register records all houses sales and purchases in Scotland.

Research Advisory Group (RAG) - A group (usually consisting of government civil servants, industry representatives and professional experts) that provides advice and guidance to a project team on a Scottish Government commissioned project.

Scottish House Condition Survey (SHCS) - A Scottish Government publication that provides statistics from a national survey of the housing stock that is part of the Scottish Household Survey (SHS).

Single Survey - A part of the Home Report. It contains an assessment by a surveyor of the condition of the home, a valuation and an accessibility audit for people with particular needs.

Solicitors Property Centres (SPCs) - A marketing network of solicitors in different parts of Scotland for selling homes.


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