Beaver welfare: Scottish Animal Welfare Commission report

A report on the welfare of beavers in Scotland by the Scottish Animal Welfare Commission.

2. Scope of a review of the welfare of beavers in Scotland

This review aims to investigate and make recommendations on welfare issues associated with the management and control of wild beavers, Castor fiber, in Scotland. In particular, it reviews welfare issues related to the licensing of the culling of beavers that are in conflict with landowners and anglers, and the translocation of beavers to other parts of Scotland and the rest of the UK.

The review involved an assessment of published evidence about the impact of beavers on anglers, farmers and other landowners and the numbers of beavers that are licensed for culling each year. Stakeholders were invited to respond to a questionnaire that sought to gain additional information and the points of view of those who work with beavers or who are impacted by their activities. Recommendations are made concerning the improvement of the welfare of beavers in Scotland.



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