Report of the National Committee on Infant Cremation 2014-15

A formal report from the National Committee on its first year of progress against the 64 recommendations of the Infant Cremation Commission.

8. Published Cremation Authority Policy Statements

Another early piece of work for the Committee, undertaken by its Cremation Practice Sub-Group, was to develop wording for a standardised statement that each Cremation Authority - whether local authority or privately owned - would publish in its leaflets and/or on its website.

The statement - which can be tailored to an extent to include additional information and local branding - sets out for the public (and for local partner organisations such as funeral directors and hospitals) the cremation authority's key policies regarding infant cremation, including ashes recovery and record-keeping.

Its key purpose is to ensure accurate information on local cremation practice is available to those who have been bereaved (and the general public). Its secondary purpose is to make it easier for local partners, eg hospitals and funeral directors, to find this information, thus helping to improve the consistency of cremation information provided to those who have been bereaved.

As well as developing, finalising and issuing the standardised statement, the Committee (via its member the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities 'FBCA') then subsequently contacted every Cremation Authority to check that these statements had been published. All have now confirmed that this is the case.

Continuing to make this information available, and adhering to its wording, are matters that the Inspector will check during crematorium reviews.


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