Report of the National Committee on Infant Cremation 2014-15

A formal report from the National Committee on its first year of progress against the 64 recommendations of the Infant Cremation Commission.

5. The New Code Of Practice

The Code of Practice, published in November 2015, is likely to be the most visible piece of work completed by the National Committee and its Sub-Groups. Its purpose is to draw together as many of the Bonomy recommendations as possible into a straightforward format that can be easily monitored by the Committee over time, and can also easily be incorporated into sectors', organisations' and even individuals' procedures, policies and behaviours.

Although there is a provision within the Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Bill that would allow for the Code of Practice to be made statutory, the extent of willing engagement and participation from all organisations to date in its development, suggests that this is not required at this time. Its current non-statutory nature also allows some flexibility for the Committee to refine and amend it over time, working collaboratively with organisations and others to ensure it continues to meet everyone's needs.


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