Report of the Infant Cremation Commission

Report examining current practice regarding the cremation of infants and making recommendations for improvement for the future.


1 this and other notes in the series are issued as statutory guidance in England and Wales under regulation 64(2) of the Environmental Permitting Regulations. The notes are also issued as guidance in Scotland and statutory guidance in Northern Ireland

2 further guidance on the meaning of BAT can be found for England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

3 For details see England and Wales chapter 26, Scotland, Practical guide section 10, Northern Ireland Part B Guidance page 9, Northern Ireland Part C Guidance chapter 17.

4 the term "qualitative" monitoring refers to those particulate continuous emissions monitors (CEM) where the instrument response should be correlated to the results of multiple isokinetic gravimetric samples according to the standard reference method (SRM) which is typically EN-13284-1. See also paragraphs 4.4 - 4.11 and Table 5.

5 At the time of publication of PG5/2(12) the sector had made representations proposing a revision to the method of calculating the baseline. This note will be revised if any changes are made as a result, and all stakeholders will be advised.

6 As regards the possibility of mass fatalities arising from pandemic flu, the Food Standards Agency and the World Health Organisation take the view that H5N1 virus in uncooked poultry when cooked to 70ÂșC negates the risk.


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