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Report of the Infant Cremation Commission

Published: 17 Jun 2014
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Health and social care

Report examining current practice regarding the cremation of infants and making recommendations for improvement for the future.

323 page PDF

4.6 MB

323 page PDF

4.6 MB

Report of the Infant Cremation Commission

323 page PDF

4.6 MB

ISBN 978 1 78412 602 5
DPAS 29608

This document is also available in pdf format (4.5MB)


Message from Commission Members

1. Executive Summary

2. Collated Recommendations

3. Introduction

4. Submissions

5. Cremation in Scotland

6. Technical Aspects of Cremation

7. Ashes

8. Securing the Recovery of Ashes

9. Regulation of Baby and Infant Cremations

10. Registration of Cremation

11. Training and Other Ways of Improving Practice

12. Memorials

13. Implementing the Recommendations


A List of Crematoria in Scotland

B Infant Cremation Commission Full List of Members

C Infant Cremation Commission Local Investigation Guidance

D Joint Opinion of Counsel

E Dr Roberts Anthropology and Supplementary Anthropology Reports

F Dr Chamberlain Report

G Dr Chamberlain Supplementary Note to SEPA and Comments

H DEFRA / SEPA Process Guidance Note 5/2(12)

I Glasgow Audit Report

J Aberdeen Audit Report

K CMO & CNO 2012 Guidance on Disposal of Pregnancy Loss

L Scottish Government Analysis of CMO & CNO Guidance Implementation

M Health Board Documentation Responses Summary

N Health Board Arranged Individual Cremations Responses

O Crematoria Questionnaire Responses Summary

P Residual Heat or 'Overnight' Cremation in Scotland

Q Numbers of Deaths and Cremations By Age of Baby / Infant

R Children's Memorials in Scotland

S Infant Cremation Commission Approved Meeting Minutes

Annexes E, F, G, I, J and L reproduced with kind permission from Dr Julie Ann Roberts, Dr Clive Chamberlain, Edinburgh City Council, Glasgow City Council, Aberdeen City Council and the Scottish Government. Enquirers may wish to contact the respective City Council for any updates and details of changes to their cremation processes since the audit reports were issued.


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