Big Climate Conversation: report of findings

A summary of findings from the Big Climate Conversation, a public engagement programme about climate change held over six months across Scotland.

Section 6: What Next?

The Big Climate Conversation has reached a wide range of individuals from across Scotland. The findings from these conversations, including the wider engagement with business and the public sector, are directly informing the update to the current Climate Change Plan and the development of a new Public Engagement Strategy for climate change. Both of these documents will be published in spring this year.

The Climate Change Plan Update will provide our proposed roadmap to achieving emissions reduction targets and will respond directly to many proposals discussed during The Big Climate Conversation. The Public Engagement Strategy will set out how we plan to continue and enhance our dialogue with the Scottish public on climate change.

The Big Climate Conversation is just the start of the conversation. We know that constructive dialogue with the public and communities – as well as businesses and the public sector – must be at the heart of our transition to a net-zero society. As the need for transformative action increases, the need for this dialogue will only grow in importance. We will use the lessons we have learned from The Big Climate Conversation to continue conversations with all sectors of society, to ensure everyone understands their role in this national endeavour.

There is much to look forward to in 2020. We will establish the Climate Citizens' Assembly of Scotland later this year. This will enable us to build on the important insights generated through The Big Climate Conversation to better understand public views on how we should respond to the global climate emergency. At the end of the year, we will welcome the international community to Scotland for COP26 in Glasgow. This will bring further opportunities to continue discussions about transitioning to a net-zero future as the international spotlight will be on Scotland to lead by example.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in The Big Climate Conversation and we urge you to continue the conversations in your homes, workplaces, and communities.



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