Repeat violence in Scotland: a qualitative approach

This report presents findings from a qualitative research study which explored peoples’ experiences of repeat, interpersonal violence. The research involved in-depth interviews with people who have lived experience of repeat violence and community stakeholders who support them.


The co-investigators gratefully acknowledge the fieldwork support of our two lived experience research assistants, who are not named for participant confidentiality reasons, but who played a central role in data collection in our East Urban and Town case study areas. We also extend our thanks to Claire Chapman, intern, who assisted us with the literature review, and Moyra Guilar, for her transcription services. We are also immensely grateful to the numerous community organisations, statutory agencies and local groups who supported us with the research, and to the members of the Research Advisory Group who gave us timely and valuable assistance. Finally, we would like to say thank you to everyone who took part in the interviews; this report wouldn't be possible without participants trusting us to tell these important stories.



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