Repairing Standard: statutory guidance for private landlords

This guidance is for use in determining whether a house meets the standards of repair set out in the Repairing Standard (Housing (Scotland) Act 2006, Chapter 4). It applies from 1 March 2024 to all tenancies required to meet with the Repairing Standard.

Annex D6: Installations for space heating by a fixed heating system

D.103 The Repairing Standard requires that space heating is provided by a fixed heating system.

D.104 A fixed heating system means a permanent installation in the property which is plumbed or hard wired and capable of maintaining a temperature of 21⁰C in at least one room and 18⁰C elsewhere, when the outside temperature is minus 1⁰C. It should be safe to use, in good condition and reasonable working order. It is not acceptable to rely on plug-in or portable heaters except on a temporary basis while repairs are being carried out, and such periods must be kept to a minimum.

D.105 The majority of houses in Scotland have central heating systems which deliver heat to all parts of the house through electrical storage heaters or a central heat source such as a gas or oil powered boiler, a range cooker or a communal or district heating system. The standard will be satisfied if such a system covers all rooms in a house not used as a kitchen, store or a utility. A heater is not needed where the design and layout of the room is such that it is not required, for example where a hallway is small and cannot support a heater. It is acceptable for some rooms to have secondary heating systems, for example a standalone bathroom heater in a house otherwise served by a central heating system.

D.106 Alternative heating systems which involve a holistic design approach to the dwelling are also acceptable, as long as they are capable of providing sufficient heat to all rooms not used solely as a kitchen, store or utility. These may include active or passive designs or a combination of technologies.

D.107 The fixed heating system in place must comply with any energy efficiency or heat in buildings standard required for private rented housing, or housing generally, in force in Scotland.



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