Reintegration and transitions for young offenders: guidance

Best practice information for local authorities, community planning partnership and service providers.

Appendix 1 - Contributors

The Scottish Government would like to thank the following people for their contribution to this guidance:

Margaret Anderson, Association Director of Social Work

Erica Clarkson, Scottish Prison Service

Sandra Cheyne, Skills Development Scotland

Jackie Conway, Scottish Government

Matt Davies, Falkirk Council

Fiona Dyer, Scottish Government

Mike Ingles, Scottish prison Service

Christine Greig, Scottish Government

Nico Juetten, Scotland's Commissioner for Children & Young People

Ian MacAulay, North Lanarkshire Council

Claire McDermott, Scottish Government

Elizabeth McShane, Barnados

Theresa Medhurst, Scottish Prison Service

Gordon Mercer, Secure Estate

Angela Morgan, Includem

Donna Straton, Glasgow City Council

Linda Robb, Criminal Justice Social Work Practice Development Team

Bill Whyte, Criminal Justice Development Centre

Chris Wright, Dundee City Council

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