Reducing emissions from agriculture – the role of new farm technologies

This research identified and evaluated technologies which could offer carbon savings in Scottish agriculture which are not currently in use but could be brought to market within 20 years. A shortlist of technologies were explored in greater detail to identify candidates for accelerated development.


1 The update to Scotland's 2018-2032 Climate Change Plan sets out the Scottish Government's pathway to new and ambitious targets set by the Climate Change Act 2019

2 It is notable that these estimates will not take into account the full life-cycle of emissions, specifically the indirect emissions from, e.g. more computer processing, importing raw materials from abroad etc.

3 The Devolved Administration GHG Inventory 1990-2019

4Securing a green recovery on a path to net zero: climate change plan 2018–2032 - update

5 Farmer-led climate change groups

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7 Within the spreadsheet produced as part of this project there is the oppourtunity to change weights for the individual aspects of the implementation scores, if there is a desire to promote one aspect, e.g., cost saving, over others.

8 The full ranking and scores are available in the spreadsheet produced as part of this project.

9 Mitigating the carbon footprint and improving productivity of ruminant livestock agriculture using a red seaweed

10 Seaweed can reduce methane emissions & feed costs in cattle. Report from University of California, Davis.

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12 Biochar_A_Vital_Source_for_Sustainable_Agriculture

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14 Top 5 soybean alternatives: 5. Single-cell protein

15 Soil Fertility Monitoring With Internet of Underground Things: A Survey

16 An underground, wireless, open-source, low-cost system for monitoring oxygen, temperature, and soil moisture

17 These are costs identified by the Soil Scout System

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19 The Dairy Barn, Redesigned

20 Tark Laut Smart cattle housing project



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