Redress Scheme: information for organisations

Information for organisations considering participating in the Redress Scheme for survivors of historical abuse in care in Scotland.

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Contributor list

Ministers are required by section 14 of the Act to prepare and publish a list of organisations which are making or have agreed to make fair and meaningful contributions (“the contributor list”). The contributor list will be publicly available and will be updated as appropriate. The contributor list will contain the date that each contributor was added to the list, the financial commitment they are making or have agreed to make, the date that a contributor is removed from the list, and the date that any removal takes effect. Further information about the contributor list is set out in the Statement of Principles regarding Financial Contributions.

The purpose of the contributor list is to show the organisations subject to the waiver to be signed by recipients of redress payments as a result of them making a fair and meaningful contribution to the redress scheme. The waiver applies to organisations and not to individual care settings. Read further information in the waiver section. Individuals cannot be included on the contributor list. Organisations that may be included as scheme contributors are those which exercise or have exercised functions in relation to safeguarding or promoting the welfare of children or protecting or furthering their interests. These are known as “relevant organisations”. These include an organisation which owned, managed or was otherwise connected to relevant care settings, or organisations which placed children they were responsible for in relevant care settings. More information on relevant care settings and the eligibility criteria for the scheme can be found in Part 3 of the Act.

An organisation will only be added to the contributor list once contracts are agreed, they have made an agreed initial payment towards their overall contribution, and have made the required acknowledgement.

There are some general requirements and conditions for being on the contributor list. These are:

  • the scheme contributor must make a public statement to explicitly acknowledge the wrongfulness of, and the harm caused by, the historical child abuse which took place in relevant care settings. Read more information on this in the acknowledgement section
  • the scheme contributor must treat applicants to the scheme, people thinking about applying to the scheme, and those provided with support by the scheme with dignity, respect and compassion. This is a fundamental principle of the scheme.
  • the scheme contributor must provide reports to the Scottish Ministers on an annual basis about other redress activity they have carried out in that year. Read more information on this in the wider redress reporting section
  • scheme contributors should not act in any way, including making written or verbal statements, that would undermine the acknowledgement they have made
  • scheme contributors must immediately notify the Scottish Ministers if, for any reason, they enter into financial difficulty which might prevent them from making any future expected payments that had been agreed with the Scottish Ministers



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