Redress Scheme: information for organisations

Information for organisations considering participating in the Redress Scheme for survivors of historical abuse in care in Scotland.

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Contributors who wish to make a fair and meaningful financial contribution towards the funding of redress payments will be asked to enter into a contract with the Scottish Ministers to regulate the terms upon which their contribution will be made. The contracts will cover:

  • how and when instalments of the contribution are to be paid
  • how the contribution is to be used
  • the requirements on the Scottish Ministers to keep financial records of sums contributed and sums allocated
  • how the payment schedule may be amended to change the value of instalments

They will also set out actions the Scottish Ministers and the organisation will take and the circumstances in which the contract may be terminated.

We recognise the importance of keeping organisations informed so they can plan appropriately. The contracts which govern an organisation’s participation will provide that participating organisations will receive regular ‘Contribution and Allocation reports’ to show how much money has been received in contributions from the organisation, and how much has been allocated from that contribution to payments to survivors.

It is important that survivors are assured that scheme contributors will keep the commitments they have made and that, in the event of failure to do so, then the Scottish Ministers will take action to hold the organisation to account. The Scottish Ministers will consider the most appropriate course of action available under the terms of the contract. This could include removal from the contributor list, and revoking of waivers where a scheme contributor has defaulted, leaving redress payments unfunded.

Final reconciliation

Following the end of the scheme, when all applications have been settled and all contributions made, a final reconciliation will take place. This will result in a final ‘Contribution and Allocation report’. Should contributions made exceed the value of redress payments relevant to them, then the excess contribution would be returned to the organisation.



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