Red Rocks and Longay Marine Protected Area: business and regulatory impact assessment

Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA) which looks at the social and economic impacts of the designation of the Red Rocks and Longay Marine Protected Area (MPA).

Protected Features and Conservation Objectives – Red Rocks and Longay MPA

The Red Rocks and Longay MPA is situated on the west coast of Scotland in the Inner Sound of Skye and is identified for the nationally important flapper skate egg- laying site. There are two broad conservation objectives for the creation of a Scottish network of MPAs: either to conserve features in their current state, or to afford them protection to enable recovery to a state in which they remain healthy and productive. For the proposed Red Rocks and Longay site the conservation objectives are to conserve flapper skate and Quaternary of Scotland.

Feature Conservation Objective
Flapper skate (Diputurusintermedius) Conserve
Quaternary of Scotland (Moraines, rock drumlins and crag and tails) Conserve



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