Ready to Act: interim report on implementation and recommendations

Progress made so far on supporting allied health professions children and young people (AHP CYP) community and direction for 2018-2020.


With thanks to the AHP CYP leads and professional representatives who have taken the ambitions of Ready to Act and made them real in their local areas, undertaking tests of change and collecting data to evidence impact. Thanks to Gail Nash NES for her support and knowledge.

Thanks to the leads and practitioners who have participated in short-life working groups and national workstream groups and who have been willing to share their data as part of our monthly reporting for AILP.

Thanks to Audrey Taylor (NES) for facilitating our appreciative enquiry events to help us think about this interim report. Thanks also to Claire Wood, AHP Director, NHS Highland, who has supported the work of the CYP programme.

The importance of the NES AHP Fellowship scheme funding, which has enabled services to test out initiatives and learning to support change, is acknowledged.

And thanks to the AHP CYP community of Scotland, who have run with this transformational change programme to make a real difference to practice, learning about impact of change and putting CYP's wellbeing and voices at the heart of everything we do.


Email: Pauline Beirne

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