Ready to Act: interim report on implementation and recommendations

Progress made so far on supporting allied health professions children and young people (AHP CYP) community and direction for 2018-2020.

Annex G. AILP CYP programme: key performance indicators

1. Aim: by October 2018 there will be an annual increase in self-referral to AHP CYP services from local baseline across four pilot sites.

2. Aim: there will be a % increase in each of four positive destinations from point of request for help across four pilot areas (reassure, educate, signpost and advise, investigate, intervene and escalate).

3. Aim: from October 2016 to October 2018, AHP CYP services will show a 40% increase in provision of both targeted and universal activities/opportunities across four pilot board areas.

4. Aim: by October 2018 there will be a 40% decrease in the number of CYP requiring specialist assessment across four pilot sites.

5. Aim: by 2019 there will be impact improvement data for each of the teams participating in the Language Meets Literacy Practicum (Scottish Government CYP-IC).


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