Re-mobilise, Recover, Re-design: the framework for NHS Scotland

Sets out how health boards will safely and incrementally prioritise the resumption of some paused services, while maintaining COVID-19 capacity and resilience.

Principles for Safe and Effective Mobilisation

Services that can resume most safely

Creating the safest environment and conditions for them to best meet the needs of the population.

Putting the safety and wellbeing of our health and social care staff on a par with the rest of our population.

Achieving greater integration

The pandemic has demonstrated the crucial interdependencies between the different parts of the health and social care system, and with other parts of society.

We will make sure our approach recognises the important connections between services and systems and helps them to work together.

The framework that we take forward, in consultation with our partners including local government, staff and service users, will highlight the interdependencies and put in place processes to ensure resources are allocated where they are most needed to ensure the whole system operates effectively and efficiently.

Quality, values & experience

We will ensure that as we resume services, the highest standards of quality in care are maintained. We will practise Realistic Medicine. We will share decisions with patients based on what matters to them. We will also engage with the public, and workforce to understand what people most value, and what a safe, sustainable, high quality health and social care support system will look like in the future rooted in individual and staff wellbeing.

Services close to people's home

The pandemic has resulted in a wave of community-based responses, highlighting the value of both technology but also the benefit to people's wellbeing of personal connections that listen to what the patient needs and what matters to them.

Going forward there is a need to minimise unnecessary travel and increase the focus on 'net-zero' approaches.

We will continue to support the move to more health care being provided in the community and closer to home. We will evaluate and develop the role of virtual consultations and Covid community hubs, ensuring that the people who are most vulnerable are not missing out.

Improved population health

This pandemic has highlighted the value of rooting our approach in the National Planning Framework, the importance of preventative practices and public cooperation.

We will increase our work on prevention, improving life expectancy and promoting physical and mental health.

Focus on putting in place services, environments and wider approaches that support people to live healthy lives.

Services that promote equality

This pandemic has exposed and exacerbated deep-rooted health and social inequalities.

We will act to mitigate these and ensure that services are provided in a way that is proportionate to need.

The framework that we take forward will focus on how to best support those that are most vulnerable (socially and clinically) in our society.


We recognise the financial sustainability challenges of the pre-Covid health and care system.

We will design a new sustainable system, focused on reducing inequality and improving health and wellbeing outcomes, and sustainable communities.



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