First Home Fund Shared Equity Scheme: qualitative evaluation

Findings from the qualitative evaluation of the First Home Fund.



2. There are currently three other Scottish Government shared equity schemes. Help to Buy can be used to help buy a new build property. Further information is available on the Scottish Government's website at: The two Low-cost Initiative for First Time Buyers (LIFT) schemes are the Open Market Shared Equity scheme (OMSE) and the New Supply Shared Equity scheme (NSSE). Further information on these schemes is available on the Scottish Government's website at:

3. Further information on the First Home Fund can be found on the Scottish Government's website at:


5. Profile and property information was taken primarily from First Home Fund data set from which the sample was drawn. Not all information was available, including because of the stage of application for the non-buyer group. Where possible, any gaps in the information were filled at interview. However, some interviewees preferred not to give the information (primarily relating to purchase price). In other cases a property purchase had not yet taken place and hence there was no property type or price information.

6. The profile of all applicants to the First Home Fund to which the qualitative sample is compared is based on Scottish Government analysis presented in the quantitative analysis, which can be accessed at the Scottish Government's First Home Fund website.

7. The remaining interviewees described themselves as being of other ethnicity or preferred not to say.

8. If the property is sold, the Scottish Government is repaid based on the sale price and the proportion of its equity share. This means that if a property goes up in value from the time purchased, then the Scottish Government's equity share will be of an increased value.


10. As noted in Chapter 2, of the remaining four interviewees, one bought using Help to Buy, two bought without using a shared equity scheme and one was still expecting to purchase using the First Home Fund at the point of interview.



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