First Home Fund

The First Home Fund is fully committed for 2021-22 and applications are now closed and the scheme will not reopen for financial year 2022-23

The First Home Fund administrating agent, Link, will do everything possible to ensure the smooth settlement of transactions based on the published settlement timescales provided information is submitted fully and accurately on time.  Please contact Link’s First Home Fund team on if you have any queries.

The Help to Buy Smaller Developers Scheme and LIFT continue to be available to support prospective buyers, details of which are at

Background Information

The First Home Fund is a shared equity pilot scheme to provide first-time buyers with up to £25,000 to help them buy a property that meets their needs and is located in the area where they want to live.

It aims to help first-time buyers in Scotland and can be used to help purchase new build and existing properties.

It is expected to help around 12,000 households purchase their first home.

An evaluation of the First Home Fund has been published:

Monitoring Information report

December 2019-March 2021