Residential mobile homes (park homes)

Mobile homes, often known as park homes, are self-contained prefabricated buildings, transported to a licenced park home site where they are assembled. Once in place they are very rarely moved, but to comply with the law they must remain capable of being removed.

There are 92 residential mobile home sites across Scotland in 22 local authority areas, however more than half of the sites are concentrated to six areas. Our research shows that many park home sites are well run, but some fall short of the standards residents expect.

We recognise that sites must remain financially viable so that owners can continue to invest in them to secure their long-term future.

We are working to improve the rights and protections of mobile home residents.

Residential mobile home dwellers - guide to rights and responsiblies

This guide explains the rights and responsibilities of residents of mobile homes sites.

Licensing regime for residential mobile homes

In 2017 we introduced a new licensing regime for residential mobile homes.

Site exemptions and how to apply in Scotland

Site exemptions allow organisations promoting recreation or instructional activities to make responsible use of land as a camping/caravanning site without the need for a licence or planning permission, as long as certain conditions are met.

These exemptions are granted to approved organisations rather than landowners (known as exempted organisations) and are not an alternative to planning permission.

Guidance on sites approved by exempted organisations is on the site.

An organisation is eligible for an exemption certificate if:

  • it is formally constituted
  • encouraging and promoting recreational activities are among its objectives

We will consider applications from organisations whose activities are solely in Scotland. Applications to

Model standards for residential mobile home sites

Scottish Ministers may, from time to time, specify model standards for the layout of, and the provisions of facilities, services and equipment for residential park sites.

In deciding what conditions to attach to a site licence the local authority is to 'have regard to' any standards so specified.

We have published mobile homes: model standards for residential site licenses (guidance for local authorities)  to align with the new licensing regime.

Timeline of legislation

We have published a timeline showing the evolution of the law relating to mobile homes in Scotland.

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