Public Sector Leadership Summit on Race Equality in Employment: report

This report summarises the outcomes of the Public Sector Leadership Summit on Race Equality in Employment that was held by the Scottish Government in March 2021.

8. Next Steps

8.1 Introduction

8.1.1 As referenced in the joint commitment, the summit represents a further, but by no means a final step in our drive to tackle racial inequality in our organisations. We have been working with CRER to devise a plan of action to maintain momentum across the public sector and monitor progress within the current calendar year.

8.2 Future Public Sector Engagement

8.2.1 In collaboration with CRER, we will facilitate further engagement across the sector, which will be themed around the Committee’s recommendations on race recruitment and retention; and the gathering and management of data. Further information on this engagement will be provided over the coming months. Engagement will be sector-specific and include Local Government, Health, Justice, Education and Delivery Bodies.

8.2.2 We are committed to supporting and encouraging public sector leaders take forward the recommendations of the Committee. That is why, following engagement with the public sector, there will also be a national conference at the end of the year for organisations to relay their progress against the joint commitment and the Committee’s recommendations.



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