Public Sector Leadership Summit on Race Equality in Employment: report

This report summarises the outcomes of the Public Sector Leadership Summit on Race Equality in Employment that was held by the Scottish Government in March 2021.


1 Seven responses were received following the Summit and not included in CRER’s analysis.

2 We refer to Lord Macpherson’s definition as outlined in the Lawrence Report (1999): "The collective failure of an organization to provide an appropriate and professional service to people because of their colour, culture, or ethnic origin”.

3 When discussing discrimination or equality in race, the Scottish Government uses ‘minority ethnic’ + noun (for example minority ethnic community) or ‘ethnic minorities’ as opposed to BME or BAME. However, we recognise that any one term will not resonate with everyone and we support everyone’s right to define themselves.

4 Structural racism is broader than institutional racism and encompasses all of the social, political and economic systems of society collectively. It is how large-scale systems, historic and contemporary ideologies, social forces and processes combine and manifest in inequality between racial groups.

5 A handful of responses were submitted after deadline and not included in this analysis.



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