Public Sector Leadership Summit on Race Equality in Employment: report

This report summarises the outcomes of the Public Sector Leadership Summit on Race Equality in Employment that was held by the Scottish Government in March 2021.

10. Summit Feedback

10.1 Introduction

10.1.1 Below is feedback received to date from delegates. We asked delegates to rate the Summit overall using the choices below. We then asked a series of five questions to gauge what went well and where we could improve for future events. The response rate was approximately 50% out of 30 delegates.

‘Graph showing delegates’ feedback of the summit based on five rating categories’

What did you like about the event?

  • Speakers were very good
  • Interactive group sessions
  • Honesty of contributions
  • Good cross sector of attendees
  • Improving knowledge of what the Scottish Government is doing
  • Different speakers and perspectives
  • It was practical and relevant
  • Good variety of panel members
  • Opportunity to start discussion on this important agenda
  • Group discussion was helpful
  • Hearing lived experiences and clear views on what needs to change and how it could change

What did you dislike about the event?

  • Not enough time
  • It felt rushed
  • It only skimmed the surface
  • Technical issues e.g. cut-offs and difficulties using the platform
  • Missed opportunity for delegates to have a deeper discussion about what action organisations had taken since the Committee’s inquiry and what they had learned from it
  • Lack of clarity around next steps

Which part of the event did you find most useful?

  • Breakout session
  • Hearing others’ experience and learning
  • All of it
  • Key note speeches were helpful
  • Sharing from Social Security Scotland
  • Panel session

What, if anything, could we have improved about the event?

  • More time for breakout session
  • Greater notice in advance of the event
  • Clarity on next steps
  • More on sharing good practice
  • More time dedicated to the joint commitment to allow discussion and provide a further information on how was created

Is there any other feedback you would like to share about the event?

  • Inspired and motivated to take action
  • Useful event
  • Impressed with the commitment from Scottish Government to this agenda



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