Public procurement - project delivery training framework: buyer's guide

Buyer's guide for the project delivery framework.

Call off contract ordering procedures

Call-off contract

Open course call-offs will be made directly with the supplier as required by the customer (framework body).

Ordering procedures

Open courses

Placing colleagues on courses run by the supplier for the public.

  1. customer completes order form once they have local approval or contact the account manager (Brian Mackenzie) on the address contained quoting the framework. Courses booked with the supplier directly through the website will not necessarily be subject to the negotiated price or be covered by the aftercare and support specified through the framework.
  2. supplier responds either confirming selection or discussing options and completes response form, copying in the Programme and Project Management Centre of Expertise (PPM-CoE).
  3. customer pays after the event through their preferred payment method (for Scottish Government this would be Easebuy).
  4. for project and programme management related courses not listed in the catalogue, please complete the form with your requirements and they will quote their best available price.

Closed courses

Closed courses are accredited and non-accredited courses supplied by the framework contractors under the terms of this framework agreement and run specifically for one or more of the framework public bodies. They are not open for booking to the wider public.

  1. customer engages PPM-CoE for advice
  2. customer or PPM-CoE uses order form noting requirements
  3. supplier provides response form with proposal and costs (checking with customer for more details as required). Customer is responsible for forming contract and making arrangements (not PPM-CoE)
  4. customer accepts proposals and contracts with the supplier

Bespoke courses

Bespoke courses are courses that are designed (or amended) and run by the framework contractor under the terms of this framework.

The ordering procedure will follow that for closed courses.

Any content delivered through bespoke courses shall be the property of both the customer and the PPM-CoE for use in future courses by the supplier, delivered in-house or available to future suppliers to be delivered to any framework body under the terms of any future framework.

Note for closed or bespoke contract - If the training requirement is £50,000 and above there is now a legal requirement for this to be registered on an organisation’s contract register. 

Pricing for closed and bespoke courses

While a book price has been annexed to this guide for participation in open courses proposals by the supplier for closed and bespoke courses shall consist of the following:

  • expenses incurred in provision of suitable accommodation (if not on the customers site)
  • expenses incurred in the provision of lunch and refreshments (if not on the customers site)
  • the course delivery rate (£695 per day) agreed in the contract
  • the course design rate (£450 per day) agreed in the contract for design or requested modifications
  • examination and material cost per student
  • expenses related to delivery, where not based in the five noted core locations

Class sizes will be restricted to twelve unless by agreement with the contractor who may in certain circumstances propose a smaller number as part of a proposal where this is of clear and obvious benefit to the customer.


Customer cancellation

A framework public body may cancel an order by giving 48 hours’ notice or more and no charge will be made by the contractor.

If less than 48 hours’ notice is given, 50% of the charge may be made, unless an agreement is made between both parties to reschedule and deliver on an alternative date. This will be at no additional cost.

Where a requirement is cancelled due to external factors out with the control of the framework public body or the contractor, such as severe weather conditions, the delivery of the requirement shall be rescheduled and delivered on an alternative date to be agreed between both parties at no additional cost.

Supplier cancellation

Where the supplier cancels a place on an open course for reasons out with external factors (such as weather conditions) it will be expected to offer a place on an alternative within 2 months at an appropriate location.

Where a supplier cancels a closed or bespoke course with a framework body it will work the framework body to rearrange the course within two months.

Where any course is cancelled by the supplier within 48 hours out with external factors, the re-arranged course will be subject to a 50% discount.



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