Public energy company: strategic outline case

Independent strategic outline case to consider how Scotland's public energy company could be developed suggests that a phased approach would work better.



2. A significant proportion of households in Scotland are not connected to the gas distribution network and are therefore required to use electricity or alternative fuels for cooking and heating.

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7. The evolving regulatory market will need to be reviewed during the OBC and any developments that could impact the deliverability of Energy Co will be considered.


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12. Factors are not mutually exclusive, i.e. an energy supplier may advertise more than one feature, and so percentages do not add to 100%

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18. VAT is set at 5% for domestic energy bills.

19. Based on data from the Big 6.

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35. Companies with a customer base of over 200k are required to install smart meters.

36. This occurs as well among vertically integrated companies, who have to maintain separate supply and generation accounts and balance them ahead of gate closure.

37. Currently set at the weighted average price of the 50MW of most expensive balancing actions taken in that period. From November 2018 this will be set according to the 1MW of most expensive balancing actions.

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39. Some policies are specific to electricity or gas supply.

40. Small domestic energy suppliers are exempt from some of these polices, and so do not face the associated costs.

41. The EU submitted one collective Intended Nationally Determined Contribution, and the UK's pledge was part of this submission



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