Public energy company: strategic outline case

Independent strategic outline case to consider how Scotland's public energy company could be developed suggests that a phased approach would work better.

Appendix C – Review of existing suppliers in Scotland

Company Name Date of incorporation Dual fuel (D), electricity (E), or gas (G) Customer numbers (GB), if available
Features prominently advertised
Price Simplicity Green Social Customer Service
Affect Energy Ltd 14/10/2014 D          
Ampoweruk Ltd 09/02/2016 E  
Avro Energy Ltd 14/08/2014 D  
Better Energy Supply Ltd 25/01/2012 G  
Bristol Energy and Technology Services Ltd 17/07/2014 D 110,000  
British Gas Trading Ltd 06/07/1995 D 14,334,000  
Bulb Energy Ltd 02/04/2013 D  
Cardiff Energy Supply Ltd 23/05/2014 G  
Co-Operative Energy Ltd 18/08/2009 D 424,000  
Daligas Ltd 13/01/2012 G    
Economy Energy Supply Ltd 06/03/2013 D
EDF Energy Plc 01/04/1989 D 5,261,000  
Effortless Energy Ltd 30/09/2013 D      
ENGIE Power Ltd 18/06/2001 D  
Enstroga Ltd 07/10/2015 E  
Entice Energy Supply Ltd 05/03/2015 G    
E.ON Energy Gas Ltd 01/04/1989 D 6,738,000    
Extra Energy Supply Ltd 01/05/2012 D 404,000
First Utility Ltd 11/03/2004 D 883,000
Flow Energy Ltd 11/01/2011 D 250,000  
GnERGY Ltd 17/08/2009 G      
Green Energy UK Ltd 01/04/2001 D    
Green Network Energy Ltd 01/04/2015 D 736  
Good Energy Gas Ltd 06/07/2005 D 38,800    
Hudson Energy Supply UK Ltd 11/01/2011 D    
Iresa Ltd 21/08/2012 D
I Supply Energy Ltd 16/01/2007 D 180,000
Npower Gas Ltd 09/12/1994 D 4,725,000    
Octopus Energy Ltd 14/10/2014 D 1,500    
Ovo Gas Ltd 19/11/2008 D 408,000  
PFP Energy Ltd 14/04/2014 D    
Robin Hood Energy Ltd 01/05/2012 D 100,000
Scottish Power Energy Retail Ltd 14/10/1998 D 5,161    
So Energy Trading Ltd 14/10/2014 D    
Solarplicity Supply Ltd 15/07/2014 D  
SSE 20/05/1992 D 6,857,000  
Spark Energy Supply Limited 26/06/2006 D    
Telecom Plus Plc 09/10/1996 G 600,000
Tonik Energy Ltd 07/10/2015 D 5,000    
Toto Energy Ltd 09/10/2014 D    
Utilita Gas Ltd 29/07/2003 D 497,000  
Zog Energy Ltd 20/09/2012 D  

Source: EY analysis



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