Video consultations - public and clinician views: consultation report

Consultation report of the national public engagement exercise held during June to August 2020, to understand the general public and health professionals’ views on using Near Me video consulting.


1. The initial brand was NHS Near Me which was co-produced by NHS Highland with patients. Subsequently the NHS was dropped and Near Me was adopted across Scotland to reflect use within care and other services. Attend Anywhere is the platform that powers Near Me. While all three 'terms' continued be used. Throughout this Report the term Near Me will be used.

2. A further phase of the evaluation has been commissioned to explore the rapid scale-up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This will also be undertaken by Oxford University and is now underway.

3. Following various requests, the public on-line survey was later extended to 31st July.

4. It was considered not to be workable to prepare a single survey for all staff, and so in the first instance, a priority was given to health care professionals reflecting current highest users of the service. It is acknowledged that further work may be required around other staff groups and settings including social care and management.

5. Note. Number of responses from other sources (not online survey) = 228

6. These data are being analysed by Public Health Scotland and is due to report in the autumn. Survey was updated in summer 2020 and now includes additional questions on experience and enablement

7. Such activities have also involved significant engagement and helped to build relationships, and support for the wider public engagement activities

8. Using quality improvement to rapidly implement NHS Near Me

9. Video consultation for new colorectal patients (6 July 2020)

10. Survey on how switch to digital has impacted access to health and care services

11. This is to adjust for the size of population covered by each board

12. It should be noted that Near Me was never intended for group conversations and the Technology Enabled Care Team are looking at various options to procure the best solution for group work.

13. We will keep collecting info via the short survey and will plan to send you an update towards the end of September or early October.

14. This does not include 'day to day' dialogue facilitated through the Near me team but clinicians who were prompted to the feed-back as a direct result of the public engagement process

15. CAMHS = Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

16. Response from Clare Morrison on 28 July "As we re-develop our resources in response to this engagement exercise, we will make sure we include references to your guidance."

17. The recent consultation carried out by the Scottish Parliament Justice Committee in their scrutiny of the Hate Crime Bill, heralded as receiving an "unprecedented level of engagement", received around 2,000 submissions.

18. Local boards published their media release on their own websites.

19. Any feedback relating to wider delivery of services through technology has been summarised and shared initially with Dr Whoriskey.

20. Promoting a more inclusive society

21. Included with permission



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