Video consultations - public and clinician views: consultation report

Consultation report of the national public engagement exercise held during June to August 2020, to understand the general public and health professionals’ views on using Near Me video consulting.

Appendix 4 Thematic analysis benefits and barriers

Written correspondence was reviewed with benefits and barriers highlighted documented. Respondents used slightly different terms and so an element of interpretation was required.

Benefits Count
Convenience (replacement carers / child support) 14
Reduces travel time/effort 13
Reduces spread of infection 12
Improves access (various) 10
Saves time (general) 10
General supportive comment 9
Reduces time work/school 9
Remote and rural (general) 8
Saves money 6
Do not have to leave home 4
Facilitates visual clues/body language 4
Family member able to attend appointment 4
More relaxed from home 4
Independence - do not have to rely on others 3
Person centred 3
Disabilities - restricted mobility, mental health 2
Environmental 2
Less stressful - eg finding way around hospital 2
Reduce Did Not Attend 2
Collaborative working health and education 1
Confidentiality /privacy 1
Facilitates MDT working 1
In the context of a Health and Social care Hub 1
More time consuming 1
More time with clinician 1
Reduces footfall in patient home 1
Time -less time in hospital 1
Wellbeing (general) 1
Barriers Count
Digital exclusion (combined) - see box below 47
Not suitable for clinical care appointments 13
Privacy - lack of private space 10
Person-centred - lacks personal touch /maintain contact 9
Lack of awareness about the service 6
Misses visual clues, watching patient move 6
Communication / sensory deficit 4
Loneliness / isolation 3
Barrier to people getting up and going to appointment 2
Clinician capability and confidence 2
Invasive to see doctor or nurse on screen in their home 2
Personal - anxious/shy 2
Barrier to doorstep conversation 1
Discriminatory 1
Does not support community well being 1
Less familiar with e.g. hospital environment 1
Breakdown of digital exclusion
Digital exclusion, costs of data / equipment 9
Digital exclusion, general 8
Digital exclusion, connectivity, broadband speed, bandwidth 7
Digital exclusion, lack of kit 6
Digital exclusion, compatibility / different platforms 4
Digital exclusion, quality (sound, visual, freeze) 4
Digital exclusion, choice 2
Digital exclusion, comfortable 2
Digital exclusion, confidence 2
Digital exclusion, capability/literacy 1
Digital exclusion, safety/ security 1
Digital exclusion, vulnerable 1



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