Scotland's islands: proposed national plan

The proposed National Islands Plan provides a framework for action in order to meaningfully improve outcomes for island communities. It was replaced by the final National Islands Plan (published 27 December 2019).

Summary of Strategic Objectives

Population Levels

Strategic Objective 1: To address population decline and ensure a healthy, balanced population profile

Sustainable Economic Development

Strategic Objective 2: To improve and promote sustainable economic development

Transport Strategic Objective 3: To improve transport services

Housing Strategic Objective 4: To improve housing on Scottish islands

Fuel Poverty

Strategic Objective 5: To reduce the level of fuel poverty currently present on Scotland’s islands

Digital Connectivity

Strategic Objective 6: To improve digital connectivity

Health, Social Care and Wellbeing

Strategic Objective 7: To improve and promote health and wellbeing

Environmental Wellbeing and Biosecurity

Strategic Objective 8: To improve and promote environmental wellbeing and deal with biosecurity

Climate Change and Energy Strategic Objective 9: To ensure that Scottish islands are at the forefront of contributions to our ambition to end climate change

Empowered Island Communities and Strong Local Partnership

Strategic Objective 10: To empower diverse communities and different places

Arts, Culture and Language Strategic Objective 11: To support arts, culture and language

Education Strategic Objective 12: To promote and improve education

Implementation Strategic Objective 13: To support effective implementation of the National Islands Plan



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