Publication - Strategy/plan

Scotland's islands: proposed national plan

Published: 3 Oct 2019

The proposed National Islands Plan provides a framework for action in order to meaningfully improve outcomes for island communities. It was replaced by the final National Islands Plan (published 27 December 2019).

Scotland's islands: proposed national plan
Summary of Strategic Objectives

Summary of Strategic Objectives

Population Levels

Strategic Objective 1: To address population decline and ensure a healthy, balanced population profile

Sustainable Economic Development

Strategic Objective 2: To improve and promote sustainable economic development

Transport Strategic Objective 3: To improve transport services

Housing Strategic Objective 4: To improve housing on Scottish islands

Fuel Poverty

Strategic Objective 5: To reduce the level of fuel poverty currently present on Scotland’s islands

Digital Connectivity

Strategic Objective 6: To improve digital connectivity

Health, Social Care and Wellbeing

Strategic Objective 7: To improve and promote health and wellbeing

Environmental Wellbeing and Biosecurity

Strategic Objective 8: To improve and promote environmental wellbeing and deal with biosecurity

Climate Change and Energy Strategic Objective 9: To ensure that Scottish islands are at the forefront of contributions to our ambition to end climate change

Empowered Island Communities and Strong Local Partnership

Strategic Objective 10: To empower diverse communities and different places

Arts, Culture and Language Strategic Objective 11: To support arts, culture and language

Education Strategic Objective 12: To promote and improve education

Implementation Strategic Objective 13: To support effective implementation of the National Islands Plan