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Scotland's islands: proposed national plan

Published: 3 Oct 2019

The proposed National Islands Plan sets a direction of travel for the Scottish Government and provides a framework for action in order to meaningfully improve outcomes for island communities.

3 Oct 2019
Scotland's islands: proposed national plan

The Islands (Scotland) Act 2018 introduces a number of measures to underpin Scottish Governements key objective of ensuring that there is a sustained focus across Government and public sector to meet the needs of island communities now and in the future.

One of the first provisions of the Act introduced a duty on Scottish Ministers to prepare a National Islands Plan (the Plan). The Plan should set out the main objectives and strategy of Scottish Ministers in relation to improving outcomes for island communities that result from, or are contributed to by, the carrying out of functions of a public nature.

From April to July 2019, there was a wide consultation on what was important to islanders and through that process, it was identified that a range of issues need to be addressed in order to achieve our objective of improving life on Scotlands islands.