Procurement - technology peripherals and infrastructure framework: lot 2 - buyer's guide

Buyer's guide for procurement framework for information and communication technology (ICT) products - technology peripherals and infrastructure framework - lot 2 - (SP-21-012).

Framework benefits

The Technology Peripherals and Infrastructure Framework Agreement realises the benefits of collaborative procurement. Throughout the procurement process, Scottish Procurement worked with key stakeholders and suppliers to maximise financial benefits and deliver excellent service levels while providing robust contractual terms and conditions for all organisations that utilise the framework. The benefits for public bodies using the framework are:

  • the award follows a comprehensive tender exercise, under public procurement regulations, and provides an easy route to market for contracting organisations

  •  the framework will deliver significant cash savings and environmental benefits, including a reduction in carbon emissions through the inclusion of latest environmental and energy efficiency certification

  •  the framework satisfies demand for new and emerging requirements through a process of continuous improvement, throughout the life of the agreement

  •  continues to influence buying behaviour through consolidated ordering and deliveries and achieve greater environmental and transitional efficiencies

  • the framework will continue to leverage the total Scottish public sector spend, providing the opportunity to improve on discounts based on uptake and volume

  • the framework provides one central point of ordering and contract management for each contractor, the same level of service to all framework public bodies, regardless of their size or geographical location

  • the framework addresses the Scottish Government’s and Scottish public sector organisations’ aspirations with regard to ethical, social, economic, environmental and sustainability issues (see section below for further details)

Technology Peripherals and Infrastructure – Lot 2 benefits

The introduction of this Lot will provide the following benefits:

  • the infrastructure Lot offers the opportunity to drive best value for money for more complex and/or higher value solutions through further competition that meets the individual organisational requirements
  • the framework suppliers provide a ’local feel’, with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) coverage as part of the supply chain
  • access to a diverse range of solutions at market leading prices leveraging the total Scottish public sector spend
  • committed to the delivery of fair-work practices including payment of the Real Living Wage and delivery of community benefits
  • access to suppliers accredited to ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus
  • promote continuous improvement through innovative environmental and technology-related initiatives throughout the life of the agreement

Sustainability benefits

One of the key priorities for Scottish Procurement is to embed sustainability into all activities, so as part of this Framework agreement the supplier has committed to the following environmental, social and fair work benefits:

  • maximising energy efficiency through the use of EPEAT and Energy Star certified products
  • minimising waste and reducing the use and environmental impact of packaging
  • minimising waste and supporting the transition to a circular economy through end of life initiatives to recover, refurbish and redeploy equipment
  • reducing carbon and other greenhouse gases through order consolidation, improving delivery efficiency, reduction in vehicle mileage and use of electric vehicles
  • minimising the use of hazardous materials and emissions
  • operation of a WEEE compliant recycling services
  • SME engagement in supply chain: audio visual and video-conferencing products will be delivered by a network of Scottish based SME partners 

For further information please see Scottish Government’s approach to community benefits.

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