Procurement - general office supplies - buyer's guide: September 2023

Buyer's guide for the procurement general office supplies framework.

Framework sustainable benefits

Lyreco has committed to contributing to Scottish Government’s sustainable procurement objectives through the following.

Fair work first

Lyreco holds real living wage accreditation and are signatories to the Scottish business pledge.  


As part of their response to environmental management, Lyreco has committed to the following during the lifetime of the framework:  

  • prevent the use of single use plastic (SUP) in their supply chain product ranges, packing and business operations 
  • support the Scottish Governments Zero Waste Plan providing product/packaging recycling services backed up by their zero to landfill status
  • deliver the contract in accordance with the Climate Emergency/the revised Climate Change Scotland Act.  
  • support the Authority’s aim for a circular economy and have aligned principles with the “Making Things Last: a circular economy strategy for Scotland.” 
  • by 2025, to be the first company in the workplace industry to develop: 
  • full ranges of recycle ready items
  • collection and second life solution for all recycle ready products
  • zero noncircular packaging
  • zero single use plastic items in Lyreco offices
  • roll-out 130 new Euro 6 6.1 emissions vans providing; increased fuel efficiency and payload (50kg per van) - reducing the number of deliveries and CO2 emissions
  • use Electric Vehicles to cover 2 delivery routes in Edinburgh and will monitor the progression of technology/feasibility to increase Electric Vehicle coverage across Scotland to reduce CO2 emissions 


Lyreco will support the Scottish Government’s zero waste plan and have committed to “net zero” emissions by 2030 through:

  • notify Scottish Procurement when new/improved environmental product switches are available/commercially viable to promote across the framework, offering product trials to test suitability, and impact data on successful switches (e.g., CO2 savings, waste savings, costs savings)
  • encourage framework public bodies to make use of Lyreco’s free cardboard/toner/battery/15ltr plastic bottle closed loop recycling services
  • provide updates to Scottish Procurement on reduction of single use plastic (SUP) in their supply chain product ranges, packing and business operations  
  • provision of product/packaging recycling services to framework public bodies (e.g., cardboard, batteries, toners, 15ltr plastic bottles) backed up by their zero to landfill status
  • commitment to “Net Zero” emissions by 2030 and will work with framework public bodies to reduce emissions through consolidating deliveries and increasing EV (Electric Vehicles) delivery vans in Scotland


Lyreco has committed to work with Scottish Procurement to create relevant and proportionate community benefits in their delivery of the framework. Proposals include:


  • recruit 3 modern apprentices in logistics department and offer appropriate support and training to secure, full-time career at Lyreco
  • recruit 1 modern apprentice in customer services in their Airdrie call centre 
  • offer further training and upskilling that supports them into roles within chosen departments

Volunteering in the community:

  • offer all Lyreco employees in Scotland 1 full day leave per year (full-time) or half day leave (part-time) to participate, alongside Scottish Government staff, in community-based volunteering schemes/projects
  • work with individual framework public bodies to identify specific charities 

Young Enterprise Scotland:

  • partner with Young Enterprise Scotland, to deliver a work experience scheme
  • commit to 4 x 2-week experience programmes for each year of the contract and will work with framework public bodies to identify schools and FE institutions that will benefit from this initiative
  • Lyreco in conjunction with Young Enterprise take Young Money and Bridge to Business to schools and further education establishments as part of their Young Enterprise engagement. This will be done as part of an extended agreement to support the roll out to schools of the scheme and create positive engagement with the wider business community in Scotland 

Sub-contracting opportunities/supply chain: 

  • engage with local SME’s and social enterprises to provide supply chain opportunities to its requirements 
  • where specific infrastructure enhancements are required, Lyreco will commit to ensuring that its supply chain for these items will be sourced locally within Scotland and where possible via SME’s and supported businesses
  • Lyreco will look to extend the recycling services offered to other products. They have identified a social enterprise based in Edinburgh, who they will partner with to provide closed loop recycling services in Scotland

Community benefits delivery will be monitored regularly through framework contract management.


Darren Russell

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