Procurement - general office supplies - buyer's guide: September 2023

Buyer's guide for the procurement general office supplies framework.

Ordering procedures

Framework public bodies must agree to operate the framework agreement in accordance with the procedures set out within schedule 3 (ordering procedures) with the framework agreement document.

Any organisation that has not used the previous general stationery and office paper framework, but wishes to use the new framework, must first complete the ‘new account set-up form’ and return it to

Contact for a copy of the new account set up form.


All ePlatforms currently used by the Scottish public sector are supported by the framework. cXML ordering, punch-out, and cXML invoicing are available. Any non ePlatform organisations can access Lyreco’s web shop, a secure ordering website.

Framework pricing

Pricing for the framework is fixed for 12 months at a time. Pricing is reviewed by Scottish Procurement and Lyreco every 12 months. Outwith this review, a refresh of the catalogue will take place as and when necessary, but these refreshes will have no cost implications. All pricing communications will be issued by Scottish Procurement to sector centres of expertise, for onward communication. All pricing files can be found within the library section of the Scottish Procurement Information Network on the Knowledge Hub.

Minimum order value

A minimum order value of £30 has been set at framework level and no orders below this value will be fulfilled. Low value orders result in a higher number of deliveries and road miles which is not environmentally friendly.

Public sector organisations may wish to implement a higher minimum order value to apply specifically to their organisation. If required, you should discuss with your account manager at Lyreco.


The preferred methods of ordering are via cXML or via Lyreco’s online web shop. If you are unable to place orders by either of these methods, then please place your order via either:


There are various delivery requirements available through the framework. these can be described as:

  • desktop delivery - the ordered items are delivered by Lyreco to the end-user's desk (this requires Lyreco to enter your building/location and deliver orders within the building)
  • standard delivery - Lyreco delivers the order to your reception, back door or other as agreed
  • palletised delivery - Lyreco delivers your order(s) in a palletised load
  • consolidated delivery – Lyreco, in agreement with you, holds orders placed during a period and then delivers them at an agreed frequency (e.g., once a week/once a fortnight)

Most deliveries will be made within 2 working days. To reduce emissions, next day deliveries will be by exception.

Framework contract management

Scottish Procurement will manage the framework agreement at a strategic, framework level. This incorporates several activities including management of any supplier performance issues, collating management information for the framework, co-ordinating feedback, supplier reviews, user feedback groups and escalations. Framework public bodies must manage their contract at a local level, and deal with day-to-day issues with a view to resolving these locally in the first instance. Scottish Procurement will act as an escalation point should local resolution prove unsuccessful. Framework public bodies using this framework should request their own management information and hold regular meetings with the supplier, as necessary. Lyreco is aware of the need to supply management information to individual framework public bodies as part of the agreed framework agreement terms and conditions.

Service levels

Service levels are detailed within the framework agreement document and framework public bodies using this framework should familiarise themselves with these.


Darren Russell

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