Priority marine feature surveys within the Small Isles MPA and surrounding waters

Marine Scotland collected and analysed abundance information for species with conservation importance relevant to priority marine features in the Small Isles MPA and the surrounding region (2012 – 2017). Abundance changes for key species and the relationship with fishing activity was assessed.

Data Availability

The full Marine Scotland Small Isles MPA dataset (2012 – 2017) including the data used to create this report is archived and stored in accordance with the Scottish Government's Open Data Strategy. Data relating to Priority Marine Features (PMFs) were provided to the Geodatabase of Marine features adjacent to Scotland (GeMS) curated by NatureScot. Access to the full dataset and associated information can be gained via the Marine Scotland Data Portal; DOI: 10.7489/1614-1. The Annex Materials document can be accessed via the Supporting documents.



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